Art & handicraft has been an integral part of Indian ethos since ages. It is this ancient tradition and heritage that we at VDI exports strive to keep alive. A pioneer in art & architecture, VDI exports not only caters the Indian domestic market but is also leading exporter of traditional Punjabi handicrafts from Patiala.

Patiala, an erstwhile princely state, and a district head quarters of Punjab, worldwide known for its Pagg (Turban), Peg (a measure of hard drink), Naala (Colorful Waist Cords ), Paranda (colourful cord for branding hair) and Jutti (footwear) is situated in one of the geographically well defined regions of Punjab known as the Malwa comprising the area between rivers the Sutlej and the Ghaggar. Patiala presents a beautiful banquet of the life style and is a symbol of joyous buoyancy, royal demeanor, sensuous and graceful feminine gait and aristocracy from top to toe. Also Patiala city has quite a distinction in Zari and Gota works.

VDI exports, one of the leading exporters of handicrafts from Patiala, have been in this prestigious business for last few decades to provide you the quality products at right time, right place and at right price. Time has proved that our zeal has motivated to give our best in the field of art & architecture to the world overcoming the amputation of our clients. Ultimate satisfaction of our customers is our key to success.

Personalized touch, competitive prices, superior packing, on time delivery has been our top commitments

Our handicraft division

All the production is initiated in our premium-manufacturing unit using locally available material & skills of specialized artisans and designers who belong to the generation of the artisans of the royal king of Patiala. Our artisans have reoriented their work to suit modern tastes by making the products in wide range to match the tastes of our customers. We are equipped to promise highly quality standards which are met through stagnant & personal checking by our managers. Our specialty in traditional handmade Zari and Gota work makes us stand apart from others.

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